Since 1987 we create firm connections in the application technology.

Besides, our main focus always lies on a competent fair care, connected with quick service and persuasive quality.

By the narrow cooperation with selected application technology  specialists we could develop a high-quality programme of application technology-systems & components which we can offer to you by efficient processes in procurement, production and distribution to a very good prize relation and capacity relation.

Also we maintain a narrow cooperation with glue manufacturers and technological universities for the treatment of research assignments of the industry to utilise new innovations for you directly.

We offer you innovative ideas and developments which guarantees a compatibility with application systems of other manufacturers by your modular construction. Thus you have, in addition, in many ranges the possibility to optimise your available technology.

Also Gluematic ® develops and configures individual solutions for you.

We would be glad to be allowed to support you with your actual conceptual formulations and future projects all around the subject sticks and dosage technology. If it is by free competent advisory service, 3D-construction, manufacturing, or by the "check on site" of your available application-dosage systems.

Your GLUEMATIC ® - team is available for you at every time for all questions and please themselves about your call.

For a fair coorperation


Rainer Wenzel