• connection compatible to series MX
  • stable metal casing-implementation (IP54)
Modular Feature Variants:   
Code  1 - 2 - 3 - 4  
GHZ  xx - x - x - x  
  1. tank volume in Kg 10-30-50-70 (til max. 400 Kg)
  2. gun/hose-group: 2-4-6
  3. dispensing control (PC)
  4. moular pump configuration


  • very quick heating phase
  • separate heating zones for pump and filter system
  • precision gear pumps with 2 separately adjustable exits
  • low-maintenance AC drive
  • pump system without seals
  • laid out for high temperature application up to 270°C
  • integrated frequency converter for smooth engine speed
  • direct connection for external master voltage 0-10V
  • several pump modules for precisely matched dispensing
Microprocessor Regulation:   
  • optional for PT100 or NI120 feeler control
  • simple intuitive operation by keypad with 4-line display
  • digital temperature variance analysis with a control exactness from +/-1°C
  • subnormal- and excess temperature start-up-protection with alarm exits
  • careful sequential heating of the glue
  • integrated temperature sinking during the work breaks or with longer machine stops
  • integrated fault diagnosis system of quick and easy fault localisation
  • integrated weekly time switch
  • integrated machine start-up-barrier to the start control of the mother machine
  • potentialfree contacts for external error messages by special source socket
Technical Data: 
  • temperature range 20-230°C
  • various power supplies available
  • integrated filling level control
  • PUR-implementation with tank lock and tank fumigation
  • additional modular top-performance premelting zones
  • PLC-control of the whole systems for the integration in IT environment