The AIRLESS spray guns GCx-E are suitable to the connection in customary AIRLESS-pumps and are used for spraying of liquids. They can be equipped with customary AIRLESS-nozzle-conversion-switch.
The type GCS-E / 250 can be used for material pressure up to 250 bar.
The GCS-E / 500 is suitable for material pressure up to 500 bar. It is equipped with an infinitely variable spring tension adjustment for the needle fastener. A user-friendly adaptation and excellent efficiency in all pressure areas.
The Type GCS E-F is for fine nebulization of e.g. seperating agents.
The spray gun GCL-E generates a full ray (no nebulization of the hose property). It has been developed especially for the application of glue and highly viscous liquids in line forms. The material application ensues in direct contact, or in very low decency to the plant piece.
All spray guns of the class GCx-E distinguish themselves by:
  • robust construction
  • ergonomic form for excellent handling
  • large-sized trigger for optimal leverage
  • reliable sealing system for lasting inset also under extreme conditions
  • trouble-free mechanics
  • needle valve parts of hard metal



Security Devices: 
  • trigger-detent
  • safety bar
Standard Equipment:




  • plug-in filters
  • rotary joint 1/4"
  • tool key
 Technical Data:

weight: 700g (GCxE) / 240 gr (GCS-E-F)

max. pressure:

GCS-E/500 = 500 bar

GCS-E/250 = 250 bar

GCL-E       =   50 bar

GCS-E-F    =    4 bar

Technical changes reserved.