for the processing of reactive polyurethane-adhesives 
in aluminium bags (Inliner) 2.0, 2.5, 3.0 or 18 kg

As an optimum compromise to PUR cartouche guns 
and to melting bag systems you are able 
to process the PUR material with the bag melters 
GHB carefully and in comparison to cartouches save 
up to 60% of glue expenses.

The aluminium bag has to be cut out circular below (see picture on top) and has to be filled in the tank. The pneumatic cylinder presses the bag close
against the melting grid and presses the material into the melt reservoirs.
From there it is carried by a variable adjustable gear pump through a
filter to the automatic applicator or to the hand gun.
Because of the closed system a work without additional
nitrogen or dry air admission flow is possible.
The reservoirs and the integrated filling stand control allows an easy bag change without production stop

Technical Data:

  • tank content max. 4 liters
  • melting / furthering performance max. 6 liters / hrs.
  • operating pressure: 2 bar
  • processing temperature 50-200°C (optionally - 230°C)
  • connecting possibility for max. 2 hoses and 2 applicators

Specific features:

  • protective gas admission flow is not necessary
  • very low maintenance expenses by tipable tank
  • very fast bag change
  • no production stop as with customary barrel melters
  • integrated, slightly changeable filter system with big filter face
  • electronic filling stand supervision
  • gear pump directly flanged under the tank, thereby optimum warm carryover guarantee
  • output infinitely variable adjustable
  • very easy handling