For hotmelt hoses you often need more flexiblity, precisely at the points where the
application requires to move the hoses. 
If this flexibility is absent, the risk of a break of the heating conduct or probe conduct is considerably 
raised. For this case we have acted contrary by the development of a highly flexible hose type, with 
various options to your application-specific needs...
GLUEMATIC ® hot glue hoses are basically compatible to all located glue system types at the market (e.g., Nordson ® series 2300/3000/6000 as well as for Nordson ® / Meltex ®
Series MX and series BM)

A huge number of additional options gives you the possibility of the individual adaptation on your application-specific needs:


Specific Features Of The GLUEMATIC ® Hoses:
HIGH FLEX-implementation, thereby lower susceptibility also at maintenance works
mini-implementation with 40 mm of cap external diameter, thereby better transfer possible
gilt plug contacts to the long-term avoidance of corrosion
special secure isolation for low wear and minimum exterior face temperature
high-quality probes and bondings
pressure resistant - 200 bar, temperature resistant - 250° C

Available Standard Lengths For All Hotmelt Hoses:
0,6m / 1,2m / 1,8m / 2,4m / 3,0m / 3,6m / 4,8m / 7,2m
other lengths on request
Additional Options:
S: wrap fabric in signal colour (orange or blue)
VAF: VA-flex-wrap under heavy load of outer sheath
ATL: Interchangeable glue channel for PUR-applications