The precision temperature regulation the way you want it.....

Usage Fields:

  • optimisation of available tank systems by renewaling of the electronics only
  • exchange of defective regulation boards in hot glue units
  • extension of the connection possibilities for additional glue nozzles in available tank systems
  • the adaptable substitute-temperature regulation which is used at the same time as a workstation controlling regulation

Type ProControl-V-x for optimization of

tank systems of the series 3000 Vista

  • self optimising temperature regulation with one of an accuracy from +/-0.5%
  • easy and intuitive handling by more than 8 buttons and big display with 4x20 characters
  • comfortable temperature zone administration with programmable list of parametres (ex 9 channel versions)
  • temperature lowering or disconnecting for every single channel individually possible
  • weekly time switch clock with lithium-buffer battery incl. on/off function in parallel with the time switch clock
  • code lock for the basis parameterization
  • integrated error diagnosis system with scan function for quick and easy error localisation
  • varied external binding possibilities
  • optional profibus interface RS485 for the central control of all functions by PLC
variants of equipment:     
type ProControl-M-x  optimisation of tank systems for the series 3000 Multiscan
type ProControl-V-x   for the optimisation of tank systems of the series 3000 Vista
type ProControl-H-x   for the optimisation of tank systems of the series HM... (IV / V / XIV...)  
type ProControl-E-x  for the stand-alone-regulation
for varied ranges also beyond the application technology


-x = number of the regulation 5-16