for precision coatings with cold or hot fluids.   
Technical Data: 
  • temperature range 20-230° C
  • viscosity range 1000-100.000 mPas
  • coating widths von 5-2500 mm
  • coating strengths of 0,02 – 1mm
  • at conveyor belt speed til 300m
  • heat output and quantity of the regulation canals according to implementation
Characteristics:   GHC-G (cast nozzle) for coating without contact with automatic width setting
  • compatibly applicable for existing systems
  • steady material distribution without dead canals
  • mouthpiece and admission individually interchangeable
  • high switching speed by "SnuffBack" technology
  • low maintenance expenditure by modular construction

GHC-I -for contact coating, quickly intermittent by "Snuff- Back"

  • fixture with pressure roller & swivelling rollers
  • internal & external filter systems
  • stepless application widths or segment control
  • integrated pressure control
  • pneumatically regulated bypass control
  • automatic widths & amount control by servo motor
  • built-in pumps for very precise dispensing

format change mouthpiece


integrated filter systems

GHC-K - for continuous coating


adjustable fixture

coating pattern


GHC-R - roll nozzle

GHC-V - for variable coating