GLUEMATIC®- piston pumps are designed for long life. 
The various transmissions ensure the correct pressure for your application.

Specific Features Of The Pump Series G14 P/E:

compatible to Nordson ® series 2000/2300/3000
(please name us the exact type of your tank system for your order)
working pressure 0,5 - 6 bar
double acting with continuous pressure curve by very reliable and wear free -pneumatic or electric switch
pneumatic and hydraulic module separable (easy maintenance)
optimum heat distribution in the hydraulic module by use of high-quality materials
maintenance-free piston and cylinder system
working method with oiled or unoiled air
By new-developed seals the processing of highly viscous masses is also possible!

possible working methods: pneumatic / electric
possible transmission: 6:1     14:1     21:1
max. output pressure in bar: 36      84        130
max. viskosity in Pas: 14      20        50