Siemens S7 PLC With Process Visualisation:

  • intuitive operation via touchscreen with 3 levels of access
  • plain text display of all process parameters with actual / target comparison
  • integrated fault diagnosis system
  • potential free contacts for external error (optical or acoustic)
  • process data using data bus (option)
  • flexible processor PID temperature control (+ / - 1%)
  • either sensor type PT100, Ni120 or FeCuNi
  • thus compatible with existing equipment
  • machine start interlock to start the mother machine with selectable delay
  • programmable pump release
  • under- and overtemperature start protection with alarm outputs
  • sequential gentle heating of the glue
  • individually controlled temperature reduction during breaks or during long machine stops

control cabinet example



High Performance Melting Plates Up To 280 Kg/h
  • 3 melting plate variants (subsequently replaceable)
  • electro-pneumatic melting plate stroke control
  • electronic distance measuring system of the melting plate motion
  • with arbitrarily adjustable and evaluable measurement points (e.g. residue)
  • melting plate motion over safety optimised two-hand operation
  • quick change system for melting plate and barrel seals (optional)
  • non-stick and anti-oxydation coating of the melting plates and heating stamp covers

                   GAS-fine lamella plate                                         standard lamella plate   



 Precision Gear Pumps Or Piston Pumps For Hot Melts And Butyl Sealants

  • diverse haulance volume for individual adaptation to external master voltage
  • electronic pressure control for the exact dispensing amount (optional)

 Numerous Additional Options:

  • integrated buffer tank with optimized remainder emptying
  • pallet module for an easy barrel change
  • barrel jacket for cardboard drums / steel drum thermal insulation
    • PUR equipment (VX-coating of adhesive contact surfaces)
  • Profibus-DP interface for communication with PC or PLC of a parent plant
  • pressure control / monitoring
  • remote presence module



 Varied Attachments:

  • heated high-flex hoses
  • automatic dispensing & rollers
  • for dot, line and flat applications
  • hand guns for manual applications
  • filter systems
  • glue application control
  • seperate temperature control
depth: 620 mm
width: 1420 mm
height 1: 1800 mm
height 2: 2850 mm (extended)
weight: ca. 600 kg
Technical Data  
operating voltage: 400,480VAC

3phase 50/60Hz

performance uptake: 24 KW
barrel diameter:
571 mm
temperature sensor: PT100 optional NI 120, FE CuNi